From The Tips Box: App Purchases, Paragraphs, To-Do Time Limits

From The Tips Box: App Purchases, Paragraphs, To-Do Time Limits

Readers offer their best tips for checking if you’ve already bought and deleted an app, quickly moving paragraphs around in Word, and making your to-do list more effective.

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Add Apps to your Wish List to Check for Previously Purchased Items

Rose tells us how to check if you (or someone sharing your account) has already bought an iPhone app:

If you think you’ve purchased an app in the iTunes store before but deleted it from your computer try adding it to your wish list—it wont let you add previously purchased items.

Move Paragraphs Up and Down in Word with a Keyboard Shortcut

Prarie Moon shows us how to easily move paragraphs around in a document:

If you want to move paragraphs around quickly in Word, try this: put the cursor anywhere in a paragraph and press ALT+SHIFT+UP or DOWN arrow to have the current paragraph change places with the text below or above it.

Add Times to your To-Do Lists for Increased Productivity

Gary-the-Banana shares how he made his to-do list items seem more imperative:

The thing that has most increased my productivity has been adding times to my to-do lists. Just writing out when I intend to do something next to it helped me actually DO things instead of putting them off.

Heal Canker Sores with Bacitracin Instead of Expensive Medications

Photo by Stuart Pilbrow.

Valmorphorize lets us know a more effective, cheaper canker sore treatment:

Are you prone to canker sores? Every time I bite my lip good enough I know I’ll get one. Rather than shelling out good money for a special cream, I put some Polysporin (also known generically as Bacitracin) on it. As a side bonus, if you put a little on your lips while your at it you’ll have extra soft, kissably smooth lips!


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