Fine Tune Volume Adjustment In OS X By Holding Alt+Shift

If you use a Mac, chances are you regularly adjust the volume using your keyboard's volume keys. They're handy enough, but the volume increment is pretty large. Reader cruud writes in with a new-to-us shortcut for more fine-grained control.

Fine tune volume in OS X by holding down Alt(Option)+Shift then pressing the volume adjuster buttons. Also if you hit the volume down button till it shows the mute sign then hit the mute key it will play very quietly.

I've tested and verified both tips, and both are pretty handy, particularly the smaller increments for volume adjustment. Sure you could just mouse over to the volume in your menu bar, but keyboard shortcut lovers will certainly appreciate it.


    What a great tip. Now if there was just something similar for the iphone...

    That will come in very handy for all those who use headphones.
    Another handy one that I have been using for a while is to hold down the Mute button on your keyboard as you start up my computer to prevent it from playing the start up chime - very handing for meetings etc

    I knew about this tip and thought I was a genius when I realised it also worked on the brightness controls... well it looks like you get more accurate controls for brightness but there is actually no difference below the last full square.

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