Feel Better By Chucking Out Your Children’s Old Toys While They Sleep

Feel Better By Chucking Out Your Children’s Old Toys While They Sleep

At Lifehacker HQ, we’re no strangers to the joys of throwing stuff out. Our sibling site Babble has a different take on the same experience for parents: the joys of throwing out broken toys and other kid-related detritus while your children are asleep.

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Mother Sierra Black notes that she doesn’t use the approach for discipline, but simply to control mess. The joy experienced is a useful bonus:

I am not my mother. I never threaten to throw my children’s toys away, but sometimes, when the kids are sleeping at night, I really do throw their toys away. Right in a big black rubbish bag. I should feel guilty about this, but I don’t. I secretly enjoy it. I find it soothing to put a fistful of puzzle pieces in the garbage and know that I’ll never again look for the missing one.

Black notes that this approach will probably work less well as her kids get older, but with a bit of careful parenting by then they’ll be slightly better at managing their own space. Ever indulged in some surreptitious toy clearing? Tell us in the comments.

While My Kids Sleep… I Throw Away Their Toys! [Babble]


  • Whenever I clean out the shed, my wife pulls things out the trailer faster than I can put them in.

    Now I usually clean out the shed when my wife is not around to avoid the guilts and the “You’re not throwing that out, Are you?” questioning.

  • I wouldn’t do this to my kids. my parents threw stuff away without my consent, and i hated them for it. How about talking to your kids instead of being sneaky. would you do the same thing to an adult? would you appreciate someone throwing out YOUR stuff?

  • I did that when mine was younger. If you ask the child if they want to keep that broken toy then yes, they do. Always. And they will spend three hours of their lives throwing a tantrum over it too. lol So you just chuck it when they aren’t looking and they don’t miss it. I’ve even gone so far as to put some toys he never plays with in one of those recycle bags and then stored it in my closet. If has hasn’t missed what is in it for a couple of months then it goes to the charity bin. I don’t feel at all guilty about it. They aren’t treasured toys and it keeps the mess to a limit.

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