Exetel, Internode Increase Data Quotas

Exetel, Internode Increase Data Quotas

ISPs regularly update their offerings to reflect changing market conditions (or, more cynically, to try and maintain profitability). Exetel and Internode — two ISPs often singled out by Lifehacker readers for value and customer service — have made changes to some of their plans this week.

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Exetel has increased the peak quota for customers on its ADSL2+ plans, with options now ranging from 10GB to 90GB depending on how much you pay each month. Meanwhile, Internode has revamped the plans for its Optus-based NodeMobile plans, notably dropping the price of additional data blocks. 500MB for $14.95 still isn’t screamingly good value, but it’s an improvement.

Exetel [via OzBargain]



  • No, No, No. Exetel’s network is already on it’s knees. During off-peak (unlimited for most), my speed drops to 50kbs…or less. And before you think it’s my line, during peak (data limits), my speed shots straight back up within minutes to 800kbs.

    Exetel are a joke.

  • Optus tried to get me to pay an extra 10 dollars to increase my 20 gig plan to 30 ( under the we recognise customers are downloading more things) – which sounds great.. but $109 for their fusion plan for 30 gigs which includes uploads.. uhuh

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