eBay Deals Highlights Stuff You Might Want To Buy Cheap

eBay junkie? iPhone addict? eBay already offers a basic iPhone app for buying and selling, but now it has expanded its mobile arsenal with eBay Deals, which highlights special deals on the auction site.

By eBay's reckoning, the application offers 44 deals a week, including two each day which aren't heavily promoted on the main site. That's not necessarily the ideal way to save money on essentials, but it might be worth keeping around as inspiration for gift ideas. eBay Deals is a free app for iPhone and iPod Touch. (According to iTunes, it may contain references to drug use and sexual content. No, I'm not joking.)

eBay Deals [iTunes link]


    I've used it before. I recently removed it from my iPhone however. It returned a lot of junk. For example, it would return like 20 cheap iPod headphones that were exactly the same.

    I guess I'm not an eBay user that just looks for items < $XX and buys w/e I can find though, lol. This just didn't seem practical for me to use.

    I would rather use AuctionAlerts.org for stuff that I'm looking for on eBay. Bummer that it isn't really compatible with my iPhone though. Hopefully they are working on that. It's in beta I guess though.

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