eBay Adding Detailed Item Condition Descriptions For Everything

Second-hand goods remain a considerable factor in eBay's attractiveness, but a simple new/used distinction doesn't really cut it for many categories of items. The online auction giant is attempting to solve that problem with a new set of condition descriptions for different categories.

Picture by fattytuna

eBay will be rolling out the new Item Condition field in listings over the next few weeks, and plans to make it compulsory from late July. The options available will vary depending on what's being sold: for mobile phones, which are the first category to get the feature, options include Brand New, New: never used, Manufacturer refurbished, Seller refurbished, Used and For parts. (Similar options apply to most PC and gadget-related categories).

A handful of categories will be excluded, but for most listings this will be a requirement (assuming there isn't some sort of massive outcry).

Like the idea of more detailed descriptions? Figure it's just a lot more work for sellers? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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