Earth View Puts Google Earth Inside Google Maps On The Web

Windows/Mac: Now you can navigate the world's terrain, great cities' buildings and your favourite restaurants in 3D, without having to install a hefty separate application. Google Earth has arrived in Maps in a new "Earth" view, and it's pretty great.

Google Earth itself still has merit, mind you. The stand-alone application still supports KML files, oc+ean, sky and even Mars views, historical layers and that oh-so-nifty flight simulator, among other advantages. But if you're looking to get a new look at a destination — like, say, what that Eyjafjallajokull volcano looked like in less eruptive times — or skim an area with an angular satellite view, Maps' own Earth view is all you need.

Using Earth View requires the installation of a browser plug-in that is, at the moment, available for Windows and Mac. Chrome users may not need to install the plug-in, but I seemed to require it in Windows.

Earthly pleasures come to Maps [Official Google Blog]


    Well when I click 3D in Bing I get "3D is currently not supported for your browser. For a list of supported browsers, see Help." ... so as far I'm concerned, that if I want to use Chrome, and MS won't support it, then they haven't go the functionality.

    Maps.Google also shows 5 times more detail, than Bing, I can't see the house numbers in the street and I can't see any street view on the standard home page.

    But on the other hand going to any Google site today is dead slow, so maybe everybody is trying it out at once....

      It's because you use a fail search engine.
      Bing doesn't work.

    I really dont see the differenc between this and Bing Maps/Virtual Earth that has been doing this inside the browser for about 3 years now...

    Google might have better maps but Bing Maps are much further ahead on technical implementation.

    The Sydney data seems to be 3-4 years old, judging by my front yard and the landscaping in Sydney Park.

    Googles support for linux is becoming weaker and weaker...

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