Domain Adds Inspection Planner To Help Schedule Property Inspections

The process of buying a house usually starts online these days, but there's inevitably a point at which you have to hit the streets for a run of Saturday morning property inspections. Domain's Inspection Planner helps you map out that process, offering directions and identifying clashes from your shortlist.

There's been a third-party solution to this problem for some time in the form of the> site, and that remains a useful option if you want to integrate data from multiple vendors. But with the two big players in the real estate space, Domain and, under pressure from Google's more recent offering, extra features are to be expected on every property site.

Domain Inspection Planner


    WTF are you serious? Domain has had this feature for at least 6 months, and I'd say a lot longer than that. Why are you covering this a new feature?

      Short answer: they've just started promoting it (got a press release). Having not hunted for a house for quite a few years, I'll freely admit to not necessarily being across the timeline of when features appear on Domain and its rivals.

    This is just a knock-off of the old Trip Plan from -- old news.

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