Dinemore Sells Discounted Restaurant Certificates

Fancy dining out at a discount? Dinemore sells bargain-priced gift certificates for a range of Australian restaurants, offering an easy way to feed yourself or offer a present for a relative or friend.

The range of certificates on offer varies depending on the restaurant, but typical prices include $10 for a $25 voucher or $20 for a $50 package. Restaurants can also limit the number of vouchers sold, so you might encounter a 'sold out' message on a desirable eatery. The range of restaurants is reasonable at the moment, though there's one big exclusion: Sydney isn't yet on the list.

Lifehacker readers can currently score an additional 50% discount by using the code 'lifehacker' at checkout. If you have a favourite means of eating out cheaper, let's hear it in the comments.



    Unfortunately there are other exclusions: Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin...restaurants are only listed from Qld and Victoria so far.

    It is an interesting idea and I'll be watching it to see how it goes.

    P.S DineMore there are a few typos and grammatical errors on your site you may want to sort out.

    I don't pay for vouchers just in case I never use them. This idea would only work if the person really wants to go to the restaurant.

    We were planning to go to Lygon St (in Melbourne) to have some Italian last night and I remembered I saw one on Dinemore.

    The restaurant is Little Lygon and I bought a $25 voucher for $10. The process couldn't be easier and I paid with PayPal and printed out the voucher.

    The minimum spend is $50 when you're using a $25 voucher.

    The dinner was great and it went all smoothly at paying, I just gave them my voucher and my credit card and they indeed took $25 off the total amount.

    I'd recommend Dinemore and I hope there are more restaurants jumping on board, only 6 in Melbourne (with 1 permanently sold out) is not good enough.

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