Digital TV Awareness Still Growing, Slowly

Digital TV Awareness Still Growing, Slowly

Back in February, just over 60% of Australians were equipped with a digital TV and ready for the eventual shutdown of the analogue service. Two months later, that figure has jumped to 68%.

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While the full switchover doesn’t happen until 2013, much of the attention is focused on the Mildura/Sunraysia area, where switch-off happens at the end of June. In that area, 87% of households have now converted — a solid figure, though it will only take one person not noticing for the local paper to have a “TV switchover fail” story on July 1, I suspect.

While digital broadcasting offers a better signal, it isn’t all a rosy story — some viewers have experienced more frequent drop-outs or freezes after switching to digital. Got your own digital TV happy ending or horror story? Share it in the comments.



  • Of course, the Freeview crap doesn’t help the switchover at all. A lot of people are confused as to whether they should get Digital or Freeview, not knowing they are the exact same thing.

  • Digital TV reception in my area is TERRIBLE! I cannot get channel 9 or any other 9 affiliated channels at ALL after I have retuned my receiver several times. The ABC/10 and Seven freeze/lag/drop out every no and then.

    If you ask me it’s not that great. I end have 2 aerials both pointing at different relay towers and I still get poor reception. We get far better analogue reception.

    Would be nice if there was an idea to use the new broadband system to deliver free to air tv via cable to users, it would fix a fair few issues. But that is unlikely to ever happen.

  • If you currently get analogue tv signal and you live near the boundary of analogue tv signal, you won’t be able to get digital tv no matter what you try.

    Where analogue tv signal degrades slowly (if you recieve a snowy picturenow, you are on the fringe), digital tv signal just stops (no snowy picture).

    This has not been made public. The only reason I know is because I have been following the transition that has happen in the USA over the last year or so

  • @Marc.

    Thought about looking at your antenna? Might be worthwhile getting someone out to have a look at it, remembering that cables to and from the socket and from the socket to the antenna do matter when it comes to signal quality.

  • We do this crap for a living. It has not yet dawned on the public that the days of DIY antennae are virtually over. Your expensive digital equipment deserves a professional antenna / amp /cabling installation. It’s a one-time cost that will last a decade or more. There aren’t that many ‘impossible’ locations.

    When the “cable-guys” arrive, ask to see some signal-strength meters ($2k+), RG6 or RG11 cable and F-connectors. Tell them you’ll be wanting a list of as-installed bit-error rates before payment. If that brings excuses and they head for the van, let ’em go !

  • Our digital reception is a nightmare. Lately we get almost no reception for ABC3 or other ABC channels. We never get channel 9 (it is unwatchable as only ever 2nd or 3rd word is intelligible).
    We have a huge aerial on the top of an apartment building with a coax cable connected to the tv.
    Very frustrated. Digital has been a much worse experience than the old analogue for us. At least then we could watch it!

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