Create A Dummy Account To Get Around App Store Restrictions

There are some iPhone/iPod/iPad apps that don't want to make themselves available on a global scale. To jump around this weird blockade, the Digital Inspiration blog recommends creating a dummy account with a different email address to install free applications.

The not-so-secret sauce lies in signing out of iTunes, then creating an account with a different email address from the one that you initially signed up with, no credit card pre-entered and a "dummy address" in a country with less restricted apps, like the U S— or, for US users, the country you know the app you're trying to get works in. The iTunes store accepts this rudimentary offering as proof for purposes of free applications, but you won't be able to pay for apps unless you've got a credit card billed in that other country.

Full details of the benign hack can be seen in the video above, and written at the Digital Inspiration post. For more country-neutral workarounds and tricks, check back with our top 10 ways to access blocked stuff on the web.

How to Install Apps from iTunes App Store That Aren't Available in your Country [Digital Inspiration]


    Tried this for app, alas it does not work. The app does sync up, but closes as soon as it's opened.

    Works for me (with Flixster app).

    Another tip, if you're using gmail, there is no need to use a different email address, just use the built-in filtering to append your address - say [email protected] is your address, [email protected] is accepted as a different address, yet is delivered to your inbox.

    If you don't just want to use free apps from the US App Store you can buy US iTunes gift cards from ebay and they'll send you the code per email.

    Works fine for me. I just have a German iTunes Account and the US Store has so much more to offer (more apps, TV shows, music..)

    This is so nice, thanks for these i can now enjoy my Iphone...

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