CloudApp Instantly Shares Any File, Is My New Favourite Timesaver

Mac OS X: Drag and drop any file to free menu bar utility CloudApp, and it uploads the file to the internet and instantly inserts a link to the file in your clipboard. Quickly sharing a file just became a one-step process.

If you've ever wanted to quickly share a screenshot, MP3, video or other file with anyone in a jiffy without hassling with upload forms, URL shortening or other common hurdles, CloudApp is a near-perfect solution. Here's a very quick demo I put together to demonstrate how easy it is to share a screenshot:

(Note: I realise that Skitch, the screenshot app in the video demo, has its own built-in sharing tool, but it's always been kind of slow, and CloudApp auto-inserts the URL into my clipboard, taking out one more step. Regardless, CloudApp works for way more than just screenshots.)

Roughly a week ago we highlighted some of the best file sharing services and the extremely popular Dropbox was by far the most popular solution. CloudApp is similar to Dropbox as a file sharer, but arguably a bit more streamlined and focused on quickly sharing files. Dropbox is easily more adept at syncing files, and it's good at sharing, but if you do a lot of file sharing over the internet — especially of small files like images or one-off MP3s — CloudApp will do the trick nicely.

CloudApp is a free download for Mac OS X only.

CloudApp [via @nevenmrgan]


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