Channel Nine Finally Has A TV Catchup Site

Channel Nine Finally Has A TV Catchup Site

The ABC was there first. Seven got there eventually. Now Channel Nine is finally offering a catch-up service in the form of its newly-launched FIXPlay site.

In line with its competitors, FIXPlay offers online catchup for recently broadcast shows for up to 28 days, though not everything from the Channel Nine lineup features (rights issues are a challenge for everyone in this sector). Right now, there are about 24 shows on offer, ranging from recently broadcast shows to ageing material (McLeod’s Daughters, anyone?) It’s good to see Nine making a play in this space, but there’s a way to go before it matches its rivals.

FIXPlay [via TV Tonight]


  • Are web-browsers the only way to access these catch-up services? Are there any stand-out media-centres which offer integrated access to catch-up services (or via plugin) for Australian channels? XBMC, Mediaportal, myth-tv etc?? I’m about to set up a media-centre and software which allows direct access would definitely make me lean that way….

  • Surely it would have been better for all of these TV stations to brand ALL of their catch-up services under the Freeview banner.

    They all worked together to steal Ford advertisements to promote a single unified Free Television initiative, and then splinter off in the one area in which their free alternative to PayTV might actually be beneficial to the public.

  • You need to install Silverlight to view anything

    The Resolution is Horrible

    Over 600 MB for an Hour Tv show.

    Won’t be watching too much here 🙁

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