Carriers Promise iPad Plans, Offer No Details

In a classic "let's release news about Apple products at an annoyingly slow speed" move, Telstra, Vodafone and Optus have all confirmed that they plan to offer iPad-specific plans when (if?) the iPad finally launches at the end of May. Of course, there's no actual details of prices, or even a set release date (beyond May 10 for pre-orders), but at least you'll have a choice of options when it comes to getting rorted for an additional plan for your new tablet.


    I'm counting on being able to combine/utilise my existing iPhone data usage allowance with my 3G iPad. Optus are reasonable folk and surely the fact that I already pay them $99pm means I'm a good customer and they can afford me the flexibility to use that 1.5GB mobile data I'm already paying for on iPhone, with iPad. Right ?

    In other breaking news... Elvis headlining 2011 Big Day Out, China bows to US pressure over Taiwan and Apple approves an alternate web browser for it's Phone OS... oh.. wait.. so there IS a chance of Optus being nice :-)

    opera mini browser for iphone is live, so apple doing that is much more likely than optus being nice. hope springs eternal

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