Byteside Rates Original And Refilled Inks

Printer companies assure us that original inks are the only way to get quality output. Reinkers and clone ink manufacturers suggest that argument is designed to ensure massive printer company profits. Which side is right? Our favourite tech video producers Byteside decided to investigate using photo printouts.

Unfortunately for dedicated money-savers, after testing an HP printer with both original and refill inks Byteside concluded that sticking with manufacturer ink is the best bet, especially if you want to ensure longevity for your prints. Check the video for the full story.

Why choose original printer ink? [Byteside]


    So, who decided to get Byteside to do this research?
    Not Byteside methinks..
    Smells like an ad for HP and HP Genuine Ink to me.

    Good on them, cause I was wondering how they were going to make a living from freely available podcasts, but lets be serious here and admit that it's an ad

    who still uses inkjets anyway

    If it walks like an ad, Sounds like an ad.

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