Black And Silver: An Office Makeover

Often the most important element of an office makeover isn't the new paint or swanky new monitors, but acknowledging that the stuff you had before — awkward desk, no file cabinets, etc — just isn't working for you.

Today's featured workspace isn't a tear the house down and start from scratch makeover. Lifehacker reader 600hp hated the layout of his office, the large work surface didn't make up for the lack of storage and the stuff he'd normally have put in drawers just ended up sprawled out on the desk.

He ditched the old desk, hit up IKEA and grabbed the following:

$9.99 1 x komplement storage box, set of 6 - black (had previously)

$39.98 2 x lack wall shelf, 43.25" - black (had one previously)

$9.99 1 x capita bracket, set of 2 - silver (for riser, designed to have a sit down bar on the back of a counter)

$80 2 x vika annefores table leg with storage - black

$13.98 2 x emu box with lid set of 2 - silver (had previously)

$9.98 2 x kassett box with lid set of 2 - black

$79.00 1 x numerar counter, 73.25" - black and silver

I spent something like $US198 before tax on this trip total, some of the stuff as noted I had around already. I am well under $US250 on the total, though.

He has less desk space than he did before but more shelving above and below the desk to store all the things that cluttered up his old desk. Storage is usually more important than ample desk space — the extreme makeover of my cluttered office can attest to that.

Black and Silver: An Office Makeover [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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