BinarySwitch Eclipse Blocks Access To Distracting Websites

Windows: We all get a bit distracted by the web from time to time. If you're getting more distracted than you'd like, BinarySwitch Eclipse helps keep you on task with simple site blocking.

Unlike installing browser-specific extensions or mucking about in your router, BinarySwitch Eclipse offers a simple browser-independent way to block sites. Run the app, open it up from the system tray, place whatever sites are chewing up to much of your productive time on the block list, and whenever you visit the site from any browser on that machine BinarySwitch Eclipse will block it.

Sure, like all filters, you could go back to the application and remove the block to get back to goofing off. Tools like BinarySwitch Eclipse aren't meant to completely lock you out but to give you a gentle reminder that you should be focusing your efforts on more productive work.

Have a favourite tool or trick for keeping distractions at bay? Let's hear about it in the comments.

BinarySwitch Eclipse [via MakeUseOf]


    Do you know if there are any similar apps for Macs available? When I need to buckle down and do work, this is would be fantastic.

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