Before And After: The Basement Home Office

It's one thing to slap some paint on a spare bedroom and call it a makeover, it's another thing to build a room from scratch. Today's makeover showcases a basement corner turned office.

Lifehacker reader Photolingua had to give up his home office to make way for a nursery. He had more than enough room in a spacious, if cluttered, basement. Turning that open space into an office, however, was going to take more than just clearing the clutter away. With the help of some friends he cleaned out a corner of the basement, framed in a room and set to work running electrical, dry walling, painting and all those critical steps that turn a space from some dusty corner of the basement to a legitimate office.

They did a great job hiding the home infrastructure elements that could be tucked away, putting together a colour palette, and turning what was an unused and poorly lit basement corner into a brightly lit and functional office. Check out the transformation in the pictures below.

Before and After: The Basement Home Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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