Australia Post Tries For Another Postage Price Rise

Last year, Australia Post tried to get the cost of basic stamps lifted to 60 cents, but the plan was rejected by the ACCC which argued the rise hadn't been sufficiently justified. Now Australia Post is trying again.

While much of the argument hinges on issues of how Australia Post is managing its own costs, the ACCC has once again invited submissions from the public on whether the proposed increase is justified. You can submit your thoughts on the ACCC's issues paper on the subject before April 30 via the link below.

Letter Pricing 2010 [ACCC]


    If Australia Post introduced postcard rates like Singapore has ($0.50 international anywhere and under $0.30 locally) it might be more acceptable to increase the current cheapest postage method.

    I think pensioners should still be able to buy them at current prices. I can just see granny turning up to the post office and being turned away with her little purse

    What a joke. It is no wonder the Australia Post is loosing on the Integrity front as cited by The Committee for Media and Newspaper Integrity.

    You need to realise that Singapore is not much larger than the ACT, but as you quoted has rates of $0.30 and under. I think Victoria, for local postage, given our low density population and much larger area; $0.60 would not be too much to ask.
    If can post something from Geelong and it can be at Phillip Island within 24 hours, for 60c, I think that is worth it.

    International postal rates are crazy. I had to post a pair shoes back to the place I ordered from in the US and it cost me about $50.

    I'd rather get international postal rates reduced.

    What I don't understand is how postal rates have increased so suddenly..
    In September 07 (ie 2.5 years ago) I bought a roll of 100 stamps to post out invitations for my 30th.
    They were 50c stamps... and I have about 20 left over.

    Has the cost of postage has risen by 20% in that short time?

    PS, on the bright side, I'll be getting better value from the few letters I do send (with 2x50c stamps)...

    Give Australia Post a go...people seem to forget that the price of a stamp can only go up by 5 cents now that 1 and 2 cents coins are not in circulation.
    Please see the table below - you will see that postage rates did not rise for 10 YEARS! between 1992 and 2003 and then a 5 YEAR gap before the next rise.
    Year Cost
    1986 36c
    1987 37c
    1988 39c
    1989 41c
    1990 43c
    1992 45c
    2003 50c
    2008 55c

    I wouldnt mind the increase if their service was up to par.
    I've had tons of things lost and damaged by australia post.
    until they sort themselves out, no more money

    Australia Post letter rates are very competitive compared with other developed countries. Australia as a country has dense populations in cities far from each other and a low density population elsewhere. That is expensive to service on a daily basis especially when faced with a Government policy of having just one stamp price for small letters for everybody regardless of where they live, city of far country. With mail volumes falling as the internet becomes even more popular, and with a growing population and even more delivery addresses, its not surprising that Australia Post is requesting a further price rise now. For all of these reasons, do not be surprised if the price of the stamp rises to 65 cents, and then 70 cents, within three to five years if not sooner. As for service level, Australia Post is one of the best in the business. Of course everyone can tell a story about lost or delayed mail but, by and large, the service is reliable and of a high quality day in, day out.

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