Aussie Photoshop Users Getting Ripped Off With CS5

Photoshop is a favourite image editing tool for Lifehacker readers, and a topic we write about regularly. Unfortunately, it's not cheap — and in the newly released version 5, it's not getting any cheaper, especially for Australian users.

As Renai LeMay reports at ZDNet, the just-released CS5 version of Photoshop costs $1168 for new users, or $337 for an upgrade. The equivalent US prices are $US699 ($757.48) and $US199 ($215.65). That's a massive increase, especially considering the minimal level of localisation needed.

Professionals working with Adobe will doubtless suck up the increases, but for everyone else it seems like a timely opportunity to look at whether other alternatives could do the same job for less. It's also evidence of the importance of shopping around to get the best deal.

Aussies pay premium for Adobe CS5 [ZDNet]


    Are you guys planning on contacting Adobe to see how they try to spin this as a 'reasonable' increase? I'd love to hear the excuse.

    Adobe have been doing this for years. Lightroom 2 cost almost twice the dollar equivalent in Australia than it did in the US. Very poor show - As a photographer, Aperture 3 took me a number of steps closer to not needing Photoshop.

    What Photoshop needs is some real competition.

    When did Australians not get ripped off by Adobe? They've been doing this 150-250% markup to us since they started regardless of the value of the Australian dollar.

    i will be waiting for the torrent!

    Good way to lose customers who have otherwise "sucked" up the cost in the past. It's just to expensive to try and maintain an upgrade process of a 1-2 year span for the average user.

    I'm sure adobe will respond with something like loses due to piracy, but did they ever stop to think that they are only pushing otherwise legitimate users over to this camp..?

    Apples OS is so cheap as to barely register, especially when compared to microsoft (although, there hardware is another story altogether).

    Sad days for everybody (and I still can't get encore 4 to burn BD!)

      I think that Adobe's software should be a bit expensive to cover development costs and whatever. They only make software so this is the only way for them to generate income. However, the differences in price between the US and AU versions shouldn't exist. It's the same code anyway and there is pretty much no localisation needed. Change all the 'color' to 'colour' in the UI and it's basically done.

      Apple OS is so cheap because legally you're supposed to only use it on Apple hardware, meaning you've already given them money. Microsoft is overpriced though it should cost more than Apple because you can use it on any hardware that meets the requirements, Microsoft doesn't get any money from you buying a PC.

    That kind of R&D is expensive, but I agree that the premium charged in Australia (like most other tech) is extortionate.

    For what it's worth, I've been managing pretty well without Photoshop (without Windows or Mac, in fact) through more than 4 years, tens of thousands of photographs, 2 weddings, several other large events, a tonne of travel and creative photography and 6 exhibitions. The alternatives are plentiful for photographers.

    What is to stop us from simply buying from within the US?
    Or is there some kind of region locking?

      Thats what Im wondering.
      Ill definitely be needing one of the packages (Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver mainly), but at that price. . . thats madness!

      What possible difference is there between US and AU versions?

        If anything, maybe a defaulting to mm, rather then inches lol. But the US version has always done me fine.

        I spoke to a while ago about purchasing upgrades from CS3 to CS4. Jason told me that there would be no problems activating my US upgrade if starting from an AU license.

        As I had two licenses, the cost for me to upgrade in Australia would have been about $2,000 for design premium. From the US it would be almost half that.

        Now I may move up to CS4 or if the deals are good enough, CS5.

    Any word on what the student price will be? I was going to purchase CS4 this month, but didn't realise there was going to be a CS5. I might wait! (or take advantage of a CS4 clearance haha)

    I so wish that adobe wasn't the industry standard. To take work home with me would require $3000 worth of software, and the only cheaper option is the student package at a fifth the price, but which precludes use of the software for commercial purposes (honestly why do they expect people to buy that to upgrade from pirated software when it still has the same legal limitations of use?)

    Student prices are interseting - I bought CS2 as a student. You're not eleigible for ugrades, but I just bought CS3 outright. I skipped CS4. Depending on prices, I may be worthwile to:

    Enrol in a course,
    Buy Photoshop with student discount, then
    Drop the course (avoid HECS fees)

    Why is this a surprise? It's always been like this. Hooray for newsgroups!

    As a Mac user,
    Apple Aperture does 80-90% of what I used to do in Photoshop.
    I only use Photoshop now when I need to stamp/clone something or edit CYMK curves.
    But I must admit that Content Awareness and new Brushes in APS CS5 and other new features of AID, AI, APS will be/is a seller for me to get the Creative Suite 5 upgrade!

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