Ask Google To Take A Free Photo Of Your Business

Ask Google To Take A Free Photo Of Your Business

Google is revamping its Local Business Centre offering, taking up the Place Pages concept it launched last September and renaming the business service Google Places. As part of that deal, it’s offering to take free interior photos of selected businesses for inclusion on Place Pages (and hence Google Maps).

Google is offering to send photographers to Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. It doesn’t guarantee that everyone will be included, but its decisions on where to go will be partly based on who applies, so getting all your neighbouring businesses to also apply might be a sensible step.

Introducing Google Places [Official Google Australia Blog]


  • hahahaha, i worked @ sensis for years & was pushing them to offer such a free service for their advertising (after spending most of my time fixing horrible photos taken by clients).

    Did they listen.. Of course not!! I guess now that google is offering this service, they’ll follow shortly.

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