Air Seal Your Home For Inexpensive Long-Term Savings

Air Seal Your Home For Inexpensive Long-Term Savings

Home owners often focus on the big-tickets items when they start brainstorming ways to save on utility bills — an energy-efficient washer and dryer, new furnace, etc — but sometimes the cheapest fix has the biggest benefit, like caulking air leaks.

Over at the home-centric blog Re-Nest they’ve put together a list of common places to caulk around your home in order to seal our drafts, but don’t think this is a winter-only project. Air conditioners pump your house full of nice cold air and if you have little gaps around your window frames, under the sills and so on, you’re just pushing that cool air right out into the yard. Sealing up those leaks saves you money year round.

Check out the full article for a list of places in your house that could use a close inspection and caulking. Have a tip or trick for lowering your energy bill on the cheap? Let’s hear about it in the comments.


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