WindowsWhere Cures The Windows-Placement Forgetfulness Of Windows 7

Windows 7: If you're tired of the windows-location forgetfulness of Windows 7, WindowsWhere helps put windows back in their prior location.

It's annoying to put a window where you want it, close it, and then have to reposition it the next time around. WindowsWhere is a small application that sits in your system tray and tracks where windows location, closures, and restores them to that location when the application is run next.

Although the interface shot above gives the appearance that you have to do something to manage the process, the entire thing is seamless and requires no user intervention. Run the app, tray it, and go back to enjoying Windows remembering locations properly like it did in XP.

Have a favourite Windows 7 hack to share? Let's hear about it in the comments.

WindowsWhere [via Addictive Tips]


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