What's The Most Important Class You've Ever Taken?

Political Science student Brendan Pickering discusses how, despite his low expectations for it and no relation to his area of study, his university's theatre class was the most important class he ever took.

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The short version: In Brendan's experience, exercises he participated in during his theatre class taught him all sorts of things about the way people act and gave him an eye for when people are simply acting a certain way (e.g. acting upset) versus actually feeling that way. Brendan discusses this experience in two parts, and it's an interesting enough read, but more than anything, it got us wondering:

What's the most important class you've ever taken? Why did it make such an impact? How has it shaped your life? Share your experience with your fellow knowledge-seekers in the comments.

Why theatre was the most important class I ever took [The Blog of Brendan Pickering]


    Modern Compiler Construction. During the course we built a Compiler for a cut down C language creating MSIL.

    Given that this was not exactly easy most students gave the class a wide berth. But, I still today believe it was the most important class in my Computer Science degree. So many items in programming come down to understanding what a Scanner, Parser etc are. In addition to having a working knowledge of what the compiler should be doing.

    The main downside was the class size. We only had 8 students when I sat it so the lecturer knew when you didn't bother to show up....

    I took a class on interactive communication and had no idea how it was relevant to me, but like you in hindsight found it to be one of the most useful in reflection.

    Not really a class but close enough, A talk at a childrens camp i attended, there i met jesus, the best thing that has ever happened to me was to be saved.

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