Use Pegs To Keep Family Socks Sorted

Use Pegs To Keep Family Socks Sorted

Unpaired socks are the bane of any laundry routine, especially in larger families. Lifehacker reader Bob solved the problem by using special pegs to keep socks paired and assigned.

Bob writes:

I bought these pegs some time ago and, they have become a necessity around our house. We are a family of 4, and I have assigned each of us a specifically coloured peg. The process is simple, each family member attaches the peg (in only their allocated colour) to the pair of socks. No peg? Then the socks stay in the washing basket. Once they are attached to the peg then they are washed, hung out to dry and then returned. The great part is that we no longer have a drawer full of single socks, and the younger family members don’t need to ask “whose socks are these?”. They know who the socks belong to so they can help in sorting the washing.

Bob used the specially-designed Wizzpeg, which costs $6.35 for a pack of 10; you might be able to get similar results using larger standard pegs, depending on how violent your washing machine is. Thanks Bob!


  • simple.. all my socks are the same size/colour/brand so pairing them is very easy.. and when one wears out, the other gets left in the drawer until another one wears out to give it a pair.. that way i don’t need to throw away good socks just because i (or the dogs) ruined one of a pair..

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