Use Coffee Grounds As A Drain Cleaner

Use Coffee Grounds As A Drain Cleaner

We thought we’d heard of just about every alternate use of coffee grounds, but here’s one you’re probably already benefiting without knowing it: grounds make for a great drain de-clogger and deodoriser.

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That’s according to Baltimore’s WJZ television, which rounded up some tips on creative re-uses of used coffee. Some of them we’ve heard before — garden protector, exfoliant — but the drain cleaner and another tip were new to us:

Another great use for coffee grounds is as a drain cleaner. Mixed with hot water, coffee grounds can unclog a drain and help keep it smelling fresh. In the refrigerator it makes a great deodoriser because the grounds can absorb odors.

If you have a piece of scratched furniture, steep some grounds and apply a bit of the liquid with a Q-tip [cotton bud] . It will cover the scratch.

A little Google-ing shows a good number of testimonials to the first idea. The second idea was harder to vet, but it sounds like a nerdy challenge, trying to match your French Roast to your dark wood chair.

Creative Use Of Ground Coffee Can Save You Money In Furniture Repair, Skin Treatment [ via Serious Eats]


  • About the second tip –

    I recently saw a suggestion (can’t remember which website) that a used teabag could do the same thing – conceal scratches etc on wooden furniture. I’ve never tried it with either tea or coffee, but it’s pretty logical. I’ve used tea to dye fabric before, and as it’s the tannins which create the brown colour, coffee ought to work similarly. It wouldn’t actually cover scratches in furniture, it would just be a pigment to darken exposed lighter wood.

  • “A little Google-ing shows a good number of testimonials to the first idea.”

    My little googling showed many testimonials to it being a BAD idea unless you run LOTS of water to flush it through, else it clogs up the drains.

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