Use A Tea Towel To Make Regular Yoghurt 'Greek'

Greek yoghurt, as sold in stores, is thick, delicious, dip-making stuff, and it's far from cheap. Make your own at home with plain yoghurt, a tea towel, a collander and a bowl. The only preparation technique is to wait.

Food writer Mark Bittman shows you the process — or, at least, shows how little process there is — of making store brand yoghurt into "Greek", strained, thick or whatever you call your thicker, more delicious yoghurt. There's a difference in texture after an hour, and an almost soft-cheese-like transformation overnight. With this thick yoghurt, you can easily assemble dips, make impromptu desserts, and swap it in for sour cream when you're looking to cut back on fat in certain recipes.

The Trick to Making Yogurt Cheese Is a Dish Towel [The Minimalist]


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