Two Guides To Winning Your Oscar Pool

Two Guides To Winning Your Oscar Pool

The film industry’s big prom is this Sunday US time, and there’s a good chance someone around the office has together an Oscar pool ahead of the Monday AM start time in Australia. Up your chances, and winner-picking prestige, with probabilities and smart guesses.

Wired’s How-To Wiki has some simple advice on picking the Best Picture winner, which is sometimes a wild card, but often follows a tried and true path:

Halve the odds

Of the 10 nominees for Best Picture, eliminate the five (or more) not also up for Best Director. The same movie has won both awards in 25 of the past 30 years.

The Wiki also recommends saving your upset pick for the Best Actor category, where it’s most likely to happen. For actual picks and recommendations, Richard at our more well-versed sister blog Defamer has some smart, somewhat cynical picks — then again, the Oscars ceremony itself is sometimes smart, and often cynical.

How do you do the maths on your Oscar picks, whether for pool profit or just bragging rights? Which films are locks for their categories? Trade your tip sheets in the comments.

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