Track Wine Tasting With A Spreadsheet

Want to be more efficient as you work your way through your wine collection? Using a spreadsheet template to track your tasting experiences can ensure you make more educated choices in the future.

The wine tasting scoring sheet on offer on Microsoft's Office Online site includes basic scoring notes, so even if you aren't familiar with the process of rating wine, it's pretty easy to use. You'll still need to enter the names and vintages of your bottles, but if you already store them in some PC-based system, importing into Excel shouldn't be overly complicated.

If you're more likely to need a bottle in a hurry for a dinner party than spend hours planning, try chilling wine with a wet tea towel.

Wine Tasting Scoring Sheet [via ]


    OK, so if you want to organize by characteristics this is fine. Other than that, I have no idea why you wouldn't use Grapestories to keep your inventory and tasting notes.

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