Top 10 Remote Control And Streaming Tools

Top 10 Remote Control And Streaming Tools

Streaming recorded TV to your hotel room. Grabbing files off your home computer from work. Checking on the dog walker. Your computer can do amazing things while you’re nowhere near it, and these 10 killer remote access apps help you do them.

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10. DJ Your iTunes Playlists From Any Room

Remote appmulti-room wireless remote

9. Install Wake-on-LAN for Remote Power-Ups

configuring them with Wake-on-LANWOL

8. Be At Home Anywhere with OpenVPN

OpenVPNTomatoDD-WRTroutersOriginal post

7. Watch Recorded TV with Remote Potato

Once you get Remote Potato set up, you’ll get nearly full access to your Windows 7 Media Center anywhere you have a browser up and running. Through a Silverlight plug-in, you can watch shows you’ve recorded, set up new recordings, and otherwise fine-tune your fairly awesome setup. (Original post)

6. Control Torrent Downloading Remotely

gone in-depthuTorrentTransmission

5. Give Remote Tech Support with CrossLoop

CrossLoopbest ways to give tech support

4. Keep an Eye On What’s Happening at Home

Vitamin DMotion DetectionHighlightCamkeep tabs on the paid dog walkerVitamin DHighlightCamMotion Detection

3. Stream Media Anywhere with Orb

Orbcomputers to a Wiito an iPhone app

2. Do Everything Else with a Home Server

dedicated Windows Home Server

1. Use Your Home Computer Through LogMeIn

while you’re awayother free apps

What apps do you use to connect back home when you’re away? How do you get at your home media when you’ve got downtime? Tell us about your tips and tools in the comments.

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