The Office Of 38one

We love seeing all the workspaces of Lifehacker readers, and a peek into a whole office is a special treat. Today's featured workspace is the offices of design studio 38one.

It's a small office but thanks to high ceilings and huge windows, the narrow foot print feels airy and spacious. The office has a meeting area with a DIY whiteboard, comfy couches and bookshelves loaded with design books to divide the meeting/lobby area from the workstations. The workstations themselves get the lion share of the sunlight coming in from the large loft-style windows. All it needs now is an office pet to kick up the whole friendly-workplace-vibe even further up the scale. We'd suggest a Serval to show those "Look! We've got a tabby cat!" offices how it's done.

The Office of 38one [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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