The Fireside Standing Desk

The Fireside Standing Desk

Standing desks are great for improved posture, self-limiting the amount of time you spend at the terminal and encouraging you to move around more frequently. Today’s featured workspace is a standing desk artfully integrated into the room it’s stationed in.

Lifehacker RawPhil kept seeing standing desks in the Lifehacker Featured workspace posts and finally decided he wanted one of his own:

Ever since seeing standing desks on I’ve always thought what a beautifully simple idea. With so many benefits of health, fitness, time saving and minimalist living soon after i brought my own place I set about installing my own. Recently finished off with the black desk top (£13 Ikea) I absolutely love it. I fidget and move about more whilst at the PC which can only be good, I get done what I need to with less procrastinating and my aimless viewing of YouTube has at least halved.

The Dual monitors was something I set up years ago when I used to play the stock market, but still couldn’t do with out.

The Areca Palms are there for their amazing air cleaning abilities.

You can check out his standing desk from additional angles in the photos below.

The Fireside Standing Desk [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]

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