The Day Trader's Paradise

What do you get when you have space for a custom office setup, a good amount of cash, and the vision to make it all happen? Dozens of monitors and the need for your own personal power plant.

We've been watching Steve's office since he first posted the construction pictures into the Lifehacker Workspace pool. Slowly we've watched his office take shape from a spackled room with naked monitor mounts into the jaw dropping display of computing power you see above.

Steve just finished the project and posted some pictures to update us, writing:

Originally there was to be 60 monitors, a mix of 19s and 24s however it changed a bit and there is now 40 24" monitors and another 20 monitors offsite for development.

There is six computers running all the monitors, eac computer has a core i7 975, 24 gb of DDR 3 memory, two SLC SSDs in raid 0 and a large amount of nvidia NVS 420s as well as Nvidia 9800 GTs.

This office is used for intraday trading and development.

And by "intraday trading and development" he means displaying the world's largest line chart screensaver when he isn't using it to build a better bomb and issue demands of monetary compesation to world governments—or something like that we'd imagine. Check out more pictures of his awesome setup below:

You can check out more pictures of Steve's office by visiting the various photo sets he shared during construction: Office construction, Office, and New Office Done.

The Day Trader's Paradise [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    Even a single computer is out of my price

    I know its rude but how much?

    I think the question we're all asking is; can it run Crysis?

    Those specs for each machine are ridiculous for simply showing static 2D charts with 6 colours. SSDs? In RAID0...for what? No redundancy for starters...and is 200+mb/s really needed? 24Gb DDR3 each? Seriously? i7s, no doubt at idle most the day. Great example of too much money, not enough sense, and lack of proper project scope. Not in a hundred years will stock or market charts ever need those specs...massive wank job if you ask me. Looks cool though :)

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