The Best iPhone Apps For IT Workers

The Best iPhone Apps For IT Workers

Trying to convince your boss that being allowed to use an iPhone at work doesn’t simply mean non-stop games of Flight Control? Techworld has assembled a handy slideshow of 10 iPhone apps that are firmly aimed at IT professionals, rather than highlighting the often-frivolous nature of the iTunes App Store.

Some of the items on the list will be familiar to regular Lifehacker readers, such as Mocha VNC Lite, while others delve deeper into network maintenance and security. It might not be enough to persuade your superiors of the need to subsidise your iPhone adventure, but it’s still a useful resource when it comes to kitting out your phone.

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10 top iPhone apps for IT professionals [Techworld]


  • I think the best IT iPhone App is ‘Geek Reply’ – I made it and it has lots of built in work, date, friend, geek sayings (i.e No, I will not fix your computer) recorded by professional voice artists. It also lets you record and share your own sayings with other users.

  • I work in IT and in my experience the most valuable iPhone app I have used has been one that allows me to remotely connect to my work computer to access files and even take control of my system from the road. I don’t like to tote a laptop around all the time, so being able to remotely access a strong CPU loaded with software and all my files has been absolutely priceless as far as productivity aids go..

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