The Argyle Office

If you're remodelling your office there's no need to limit yourself to basic colours and dull design, today's featured workspace has a whimsical streak with a giant band of argyle across the walls.

Lifehacker reader Brandon Condrey wasn't too happy with his bland, cramped, and cluttered home office. He dragged everything out, gave it a fresh coat of paint, new desk and a much better organised space. He writes:

I didn't like my old office. I painted some argyle on the wall. I Got a nice desk from Scandinavian Designs, Network office series. I organized everything with shelving from Container Store (Elfa) and Ikea (Stolemen). I installed an HP wireless office printer and a beer fridge. I have an extreme distaste for wires, so they're bundled or hidden wherever possible. Voila.

You can check out the before, in progress and after pictures below.

The Argyle Office [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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