Students Can Score Office 2010 On The Cheap

Students Can Score Office 2010 On The Cheap

We’ve told you recently that buyers of Office 2007 will get a free upgrade when Office 2010 ships, and we’ve often noted student discounts on Microsoft products. Reader Chris W points out you can connect the two for a super-cheap Office deal.

Eligible students can purchase a copy of Office 2007 for $75 via Microsoft’s It’s Not Cheating site, and then upgrade when Office 2010 appears for nothing. If you need Office, that’s pretty much the cheapest legitimate way to purchase it.

An additional note for just-back-on-campus students: the deal we previously highlighted to upgrade to Windows 7 for $50 apparently expires at the end of March, so get organised if you fancy that discount. Thanks Chris!


  • the other advantage to this is potentially you get two products and two different product keys.

    this way you can have office on 2 computers without office crying that you have used that same product key multiple times…

    and then if u REALLY wanted office on 3 computers i reckon microsoft will put office 2010 on its not cheating when it comes out so you could buy another product key i guess…

  • Chux I don’t think you will get two product keys, I think your 07 key will be disabled so that you get your 2010 key.

    The other thing to remember is that you can only get one copy per student email address, so unless you have an eligble friend its one each.

    On the plus side though, if you read the fine print on the 2007 install, it does actually say that you can install office 07 ultimate on a desktop and on a second mobile machine (ie laptop).

    • yeah andrew I’ve found that sometimes they will disable ur old key if u upgrade but othertimes they won’t… it’s a bit odd but that’s Microsoft for you…
      and yeah I know it’s one copy per email address… I got windows 7 from it’s not cheating and wanted another but couldn’t get it from there. but it’s different if ur buying office 07 and upgrading it wen 2010 comes out AND then buying office 2010 when Microsoft throws that on the it’s not cheating site in place of office 07 (which I’m assuming they’ll do…)
      2 product keys= essentially 4 computers with office 2010.
      I’m tempted to do things this way…. been beta testing office 2010 and it’s pretty damn good…

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