Stop YouTube Videos From Buffering In The Background

If you're on a slow connection, then pausing a YouTube video until the buffer fills is a great technique to avoid unexpected stops and jerkiness. But what if you've just had enough of that clip and don't want to waste the bandwidth?

Previously, your only option was to move to a different site altogether — not particularly difficult, but a nuisance if you wanted to stay on YouTube and hunt for other content. YouTube has now quietly added a 'Stop download' option if you right-click on the video, letting you halt it altogether without leaving the page. Not earth-shattering, but a useful addition. For more YouTube enhancements, check out our Top 10 YouTube hacks.

[via Google Operating System]


    yay. no if only they could have applied a little forward thinking and allowed us to resume download

    So what's the problem. For years now if I want to stop the downloads, Just click and drag the slider in the progress bar all the way to the right. Problem solved. This is especially good when viewing embedded or linked clips on Blog sites, when you have had enough of the clip and don't want to waste your data allowance, no need to reload the page, just move to the next article

    The fact that once you click this you can't resume playback makes the whole thing a little pointless. Disappointing.

    I'd be great if youtube would let you say i only want a 3mb buffer, so you can taste the video before committing to it the amount of wasted bytes because the first 10 seconds of a video is enough to put me off, and also telling us how big it is before downloading anything, and not auto playing if the tab doesn't have focus.

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