Seven Scores Big With Catch-Up Service

Seven Scores Big With Catch-Up Service

Further proof that we like online TV viewing: Seven’s PLUS7 catch-up service, which launched last month, attracted half a million users in its first month of operation.

James Chessell at the Australian reports that 500,000 users accessed PLUS7 in the four weeks since its launch. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Home & Away was the most popular show on offer.

The same article also notes that the ABC’s iView, which remains the gold standard for local viewing services, also scored record numbers with 411,000 viewers in January. That figure can’t necessarily be directly compared to the Seven number, as the measurement base is slightly different in each case. In any event, it would be good to see Seven emulate the ABC and trial making some programs available online ahead of their broadcast.

Online viewers getting the taste for catch-up [The Australian]


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