Sensorly Crowdsources Signal Information For Android Users

Sensorly Crowdsources Signal Information For Android Users

Most phone company web sites include coverage maps, but these rarely include enough detail to be sure of how a given network will perform. Android app Sensorly collates data from individual users and compiles these into coverage maps to give you an on-the-ground perspective on whether you’ll get signal.

Sensorly has extended its existing US service to Australia and New Zealand. Right now, Sensorly claims only to cover GSM reception, which might limit its usefulness for most 3G-hungry smartphone owners.

I’m not personally equipped with an Android phone to test this out; if you give Sensorly a go, tell us how useful (or otherwise) it is in the comments. Sensorly is a free app for Android phones only (though an iPhone version is promised in the near future).



  • Doesn’t seem to have enough data yet, and the default settings do funny things with wifi toggling. Since Optus are sponsoring this post, may I ask whether this app will be available for purchase from the Google market once it is no longer in the free beta period? I paid for my phone outright, and I don’t like being told what I can install on it.

  • I have it running on my HTC Magic on Vodafone, right now there’s not enough data in Sydney, even in the city centre, to make it useful. I’ll keep mine scanning for a few days to do my bit.

    Its only GSM right now, 3g would be more useful and what would make it a killer app would be the scanning of free wifi hotspots (McDonalds, Starbucks etc)

  • Thanks for the post

    @grant : by “GSM” we mean GPRS (1G)+EDGE (2G)+UMTS (3G)+HSPA (3.5G) so you should be seeing a lot of yellow where you map if you have a 3G data plan.
    Due to how GSM android phones work, you need to leave your screen light (or dimmed) if you’re doing background scanning.

    I’d be glad to discuss the Starbucks & McDonalds idea with you if you email contact (@[email protected])

    @ben : if you install the map addons now the maps will be free forever for your phone. Obviously we won’t charge the maps while they’re so empty but, better yet, we’re hoping to keep the maps free on the long run…

    • Thanks Sensorly. I’ve added the maps, but thought you might like to know that Optus block paid apps in the market, so although you’re doing their customers a favour by producing maps, they might be screwing you out of potential customers down the track.

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