Send To Google Docs Uploads Files, Web Screenshots To GDocs

Chrome: Google Docs' open 1GB storage space can be a handy, centralised space for stuff you find on the web. The Send to Google Docs Chrome extension makes web capturing very fast with instant page-to-PDF and file uploading.

Send to Google Docs doesn't work quite like the Firefox extension that shares its name. If you click its familiar-looking button while looking at a standard page, the page is converted to a PDF (through PDFMyURL) and uploaded to a Captures folder in your Docs space. If you've opened a PDF, image file or SWF (Flash) file in a new tab, hit the Send to Google Docs button with that tab focused, and that file will arrive whole at Google Docs.

For those who want to use Docs as a central repository for research material, Send to Google Docs makes it mighty easy and fast. It's a free download that requires Google Chrome.

Send to Google Docs [Google Chrome extension gallery]


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