Run A Free Proxy Through The Google App Engine

Run A Free Proxy Through The Google App Engine

Finding a good proxy is difficult, you either have to run it yourself from your home computer or web server or you’re left scavenging about for free proxies online. Run one for free through the Google App Engine.

If you want total control over your proxy experience, you can always run a home proxy. We showed you how to set one up last month with our guide to bypassing heavy-handed firewalls. While you’re tinkering away with your home network it’s also worth setting up a SSH SOCKS proxy to encrypt and secure all your remote traffic too.

If you don’t want to leave your computer on all the time or be limited by the speed of your home internet connection however, you can use a Google account to set up a proxy server that runs off the Google Apps Engine and allows you to browse via proxy independent of your home network and without having to trust a sketchy third-party proxy. You’ll be running your own proxy server through the Apps Engine, free for you to tweak. They’ve put together a detailed guide at Digital Inspiration, check out the video below:

For step by step instructions, including lots of screen shots, visit the link below. Have your own way for circumventing firewalls and browsing on your own terms? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

How-To Setup Your Own Web Proxy Server for Free with Google Apps Engine [Digital Inspiration]


  • I thought this might allow Hulu viewing, but it doesn’t..
    Still, a very useful tip for setting up a free proxy server for when the Great Firewall goes up..

    • Sorry if this is a daft question but is Ajax in use in China? Really hoping to be able to access FB over there. If not any ideas how I can do that please. Thanks guys.

  • You can use services like to bypass web filters.

    Looks like from there site, they are gearing up to target the Australian internet filter.

    VPN service with a free proxy, I guess it will help those that want to circumvent the filter. It will also work in China.

  • like boxpn. I have used it already for 3 month several days per week (only when there is a need) and have no problem neither with speed nor with connection. Nice service

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