Remove Stubborn Stickers With A Hair Dryer

Some companies are really annoying about putting hard-to-remove stickers on things. Some children are even worse. Next time you encounter a stubborn sticker (regretted bumper sticker, perhaps?), leave the chemicals in the drawer and try some simple heat from a hair dryer.

Home improvement weblog Apartment Therapy has some easy instructions for removing stuck stickers, and it works for any surfaces that aren't too heat sensitive (so this probably isn't a great idea on easily melting plastic, for example). All it requires is a hair dryer and a little patience: just aim the hair dryer at the sticker's corner and blast it with heat. After about 45 seconds or so, the sticker should start to peel away easily — if not, go for another 45 seconds and try again. This method should minimise leftover sticker residue, as well, but if you do find some left over, a small dose of soapy water or lighter fluid should take care of it easily.

How To Remove Unwanted Stickers Uinsg a Hairdryer [Apartment Therapy]


    Maybe make sure you use the lighter fluid AFTER putting away the blowdryer

      Spray some Aeroguard & let it set in, that shits like alien blood.

    Well this was disappointing advice - who doesn't know this trick? The tip I was hoping to get was the types of plastics this is safe on - I've destroyed some products in the past trying this on the wrong types of surfaces:(

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