Remove Justin Bieber From Twitter's Trending Topics List

Twitter's trending topics list has seen its usefulness reduced by the near-continuous presence of teen warbler Justin Bieber. Here's how to permanently remove him from your screen.

While we all wait for Twitter's topic localisation to include Australia, we're stuck with the worldwide list of trending topics, and Bieber's popularity amongst teenage girls with time on their hands means he's almost always on there. If that annoys you, it is quite simple to get rid of that entry on the list, provided you are using Firefox and the free AdBlock Plus extension. (It's a simple install, though you'll need to restart Firefox afterwards.)

To banish Bieber from Twitter's site, just go to the Tools menu, select Adblock Plus Preferences, click on Add filter and paste in this code snippet:

Click on OK. The next time you refresh Twitter, Justin Bieber will have vanished from the list. Result! (There's no obvious way of replacing Bieber with topic #11 from Twitter's list, but you can't have everything.)


    You don't need to wait for Twitter to cover Australian trends - you can see them on Disclaimer: I do work there, but you have covered it recently:

    You can see all the Australian city pages listed here:

    But yeah, good idea to block the Bieber.

    Hell no we won't go! JB deserves to be a trending topic >:(

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