Print A Lens Hood For On-The-Cheap Sun Blocking

Print A Lens Hood For On-The-Cheap Sun Blocking

If you rarely need a lens hood, it hardly seems worth it to shell out the money for the few times a year when you need it. Print off a lens hood template and shield your lens on the cheap.

It isn’t that lens hoods are shockingly expensive but if you hardly use one, you can probably find a better way to spend the $US15-35 a lens hood would set you back.

At you’ll find lens hoods for lens of all brands and shapes. Whether you need a hood for a Canon prime, a Nikon telephoto or a Sigma macro lens you’ll find that and more. Templates are available in PDF format and nearly every lens has a standard round hood and a petalled hood available.

The printing and fitting instructions are helpful — especially so if you’re not usually one for paper craft DIY projects. They suggest using heavy card stock with a dark grey being ideal. If you’re willing to invest a little more effort in the project you can use their template on a piece of black vinyl cover stock — visit your local copy shop to get a piece — for a more durable hood.

Check out the site below to see if they have a custom hood for your lens. If you have a crafty photography-related DIY project to share let’s hear about it in the comments. Thanks Dante Franco Miranda!


  • I thought most lenses came with hoods these days.

    To me, a lens hood is something that you should keep on all the time. They’re designed not to vignette, and it’s extra protection for your lens (from bumps) along with reducing lens flare.

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