Presidential Signatures Font Contains Signatures Of 44 US Presidents

Font geeks have no clear boundaries, so here's an idea that's weird but oddly compelling: a font containing the signatures of every US president. Yep, you can incorporate a fake Obama signature into your documents no matter how many times he defers visiting Australia.

The font, created by Australian designer Graham Jupp, is free for personal use. We look forward to the Australian prime ministers version. If you'd prefer a more personalised approach (and a more flexible font), convert your own handwriting to a font with YourFonts or FontCapture.

Presidential Signatures & Signature Fonts


    Thanks Angus, hopefully your US Lifehacker counterparts pick up on the story as well (or should I tip them myself?). By the way, I've been creating full handwriting fonts since about 2001 including print handwriting, cursive, dingbats etc... so its not limited to just signatures. Not sure about the Aussie prime minister's font quite yet although I have thought about it recently... will see how this one goes first. Have a good weekend :)

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