Parallels Outdoes VMware Fusion On Most Benchmarks

Parallels Outdoes VMware Fusion On Most Benchmarks

If you’ve had a tough time choosing between Parallels and VMware Fusion for running Windows on your Mac, all-things-Apple site MacTech pitted the two virtualisation tools against one another in a giant faceoff.

The results: In tests covering boot speed, CPU usage, application performance, CPU speed, graphics and more, Parallels 5 came out on top of VMware Fusion 3 in every instance; Parallels particularly outdid VMware in graphic performance, which you can see demonstrated in the video above. [MacTech via Gizmodo]


  • Thanks for the review Adam. I was always confuse which one is better, but because of lack of information I chose VMWare few an year ago…
    But thanks anyway!!

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