Paper Rater Analyses And Improves Your Writing

If you like to write but lack confidence in your skills, Paper Rater is a a free, web-based service that analyses your writing and offers feedback on your grammar, spelling and more.

Paper Rater couldn't be easier to use. Just paste in the text you want analysed, choose what type of content it is — essay, research paper, speech, etc — and submit it for review. Within seconds, Paper Rater generates a report that analyses several aspects of your submission.

Naturally the app takes a look at grammar and spelling, but it also gives feedback on your writing style and choice of words. To get suggests on word or phrasing replacement, just right click on the highlighted words.

Paper Rater also detects plagiarism by comparing the content you submit with published online content to see if there are any similarities. This feature can be overridden by simply flagging passages with the proper citations.

Paper Rater is a solid tool for double-checking your work as you prepare your next speech or presentation. What tools do you rely on to hone your writing skills? Share in the comments.

Paper Rater [via Download Squad]


    Sounds great, and I'll probably use it, but do they keep the stuff you upload or is it destroyed when you're finished? I did try to read their terms but it was too much like hard work to read it all and I couldn't see anything relating to the subject?

    One misspelled word (analyses instead of analysis) and one double word 'a a' just in the first sentence.

    Not an impressive advert for the product really.

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