Office 2010 Upgrades Free For New Office 2007 Buyers

Office 2010 now has an official Australian release date of May 13 (for business users) and "sometime" in June for retail copies. Anyone who purchases the 2007 version between now and September 30 will be entitled to download a free copy of 2010 when it's released (though given the file sizes involved, I'd hang back for the Office 2010 DVD unless you badly need the software in the meantime).


    Have they posted any rules for this offer - for example does it include MLK(OEM) versions?

    Hi Angus,

    Are you able to provide more detail on how this will work? I picked up a copy of Office 2007 Home/Student Retail for a client yesterday; do they qualify?


    TBH, the only way you will find out is to talk to retail staff.

    Rules and guidelines will change right up to the release date. Best way is simply ask a Harvey Norman/Dick Smith/Officeworks etc etc staff member. They will have retail materials for it outlining what the deal is.

    Uni & TAFE Students can get Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate for $75 with free upgrade to Office 2010 when available, see Microsoft website for details..

    The details are here for those wondering:

    I made the obvious edit to your URL to check this applied to Australian licensing too - the amended link worked:

    What happens when you upgrade Home and Student 2007 (includes Outlook) to 2010 which does not have Outlook?

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