Neat Streets Sends Community Complaints Direct To Local Councils

It's not hard to spot things that need fixing anywhere you visit (whether that's dodgy footpaths or dangerous trees), but it often seems like too much hassle to notify the local council. Mobile phone application NeatStreets aims to simplify the process by automatically forwarding complaints (and the photographic evidence) to the relevant council in Australia or New Zealand.

The application is currently in beta, and is available in both Android and iPhone versions. Take a photo of the offending trouble spot and submit it via the application, and the GPS data is used to automatically route it to the council covering that area. It's a neat idea, though whether cash-strapped councils will actually pay any attention remains to be seen. If you give NeatStreets a spin on either platform, tell us how it goes in the comments.

Neat Streets


    wow so easy - but can't help but wonder if councils will ignore or devalue these submissions because it is too easy, or write an app to deal with them on the other end (opportunity for app writers to value-add and make money?)

      We at the NeatStreets team would love the get your feedback on this service. We are in the throes of releasing NeatStreets for the Blackberry and are in talks with several councils who have all shown interest. However the bureaucratic wheels are very slow moving. I recommend that whereever you are to make councils aware of it. Its out there to improve our quality of life!

        Hi Neil,
        How about something for Nokia?



    Adam, My apologies for the belated response. At the moment we have a lot of work to get through. So our priorities are demand based. We had a big request for Blackberry and in the same way - if we get more people like yourself wanting a Nokia port we will move it up the pecking order.

    Have used this on my Android Motorola Quench. GPS positioning didn't work and app. crashes when clicking on the 'my reports' button. Otherwise worked well as my report was acted on within 24 hours. Hope you can iron out the bugs as this is a great service.

    FWIW - I have been using SnapSendSolve for iOS with great success. It's free and the reviews rave:

    Hi where can I download the Android App from ASAP? Can't find it in the Google Play store.

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