Navigon Offering 24 Months Maps Free

One of the hidden costs with GPS devices is getting map updates. Navigon is sweetening the deal by offering 24 months of free updates to any buyers who purchase one of its systems before April 30.

Getting free maps shouldn't be your only criteria when picking a GPS, but given the rate of road development in many cities, it's certainly worth factoring in. Navigon offers its updates on a quarterly basis, which ought to be enough to catch all but the fastest-evolving of suburbs.



    definitely this sounded like a good deal at the time -- they offered 2 years of updates, but after checking their website for my model with 'Navigon Fresh', I discovered the last maps they released for Australia are Q2 2010 -- the same time when they had this promotion!!
    from my research of their mobile app, apparently Navigon is not so fresh at all.
    buyer beware of Navigon!

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